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All Your Dog Treats In One Carrier

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Satisfy quickly with EZ Treat


EZ TREAT - Maui Pink

EZ TREAT - Cooper Blue

EZ TREAT - Maui Green



No more stolen treats from bags left uncinched and no more spill from ripping open lids


Quickly dispense treats with only one hand to keep leash control with your other


That iconic sound of treats rattling in a hard container will send your dog running to your side for recall assistance

What Dog Parents Are Saying

All the Stars <3

Love love love it! Goes everywhere with me and my pom baby and she paws at it in the bag and knows exactly where her treats are and even slaps it over to my friends begging for a treat. So cute!

Couple Months In

Been using round 2 months now. Smart invention. Patent if not done already.

Must For Walks

It’s my go to treat “bag” for walksnow




Never Settle for 'Good Enough'.


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