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EZ Treat

Color – Cooper Blue
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Introducing our one-handed dog treat dispenser the EZ Treat, designed specifically for dog parents who want to make dog walks more seamless and enjoyable for both them and their furry friend.

No more fumbling around with greasy plastic bags or cinch bags that take both hands and time to open. Our treat dispenser is designed for easy one-handed use on walks, so you can keep one hand free for holding a leash or being "active" on your zoom meeting.

Want to use your dogs favorite treats with our dispenser? No problem! Any treat that can be broken works great with the EZ Treat. Or view the list of treats that our backers and customers have compiled here!

✅ Compatible with any breakable treat and/or small treats
🥰Picky Pups can still have their favorite treat! 

✅ Compact with convenient clip to attach to bags and pants
🥰Compatible with whatever you're wearing!

✅ One handed operation
🥰 Keep leash control or have a hand free for your coffee!

✅ Shakable to get your dog's attention
🥰Nervous about recall? 

🍃 BPA Free

Thank you to all our Kickstarter Backers!

Disassembly and Cleaning Instructions


Polypropylene & Stainless Steel


3.4" x 2.9" x 1.3"
87.50mm x 74.50mm x 33.36m

Care Information

Hand clean with cool to room temperature water
Let air dry thoroughly

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    What is the treat capacity?

    About 1/3 cup of appropriately sized treats, check out our Instagram post here

    Is there a bigger / smaller size?

    We are currently in development of larger and smaller sizes of treat reservoirs but decided to just go with the medium for the Kickstarter and subsequent Shopify launch.

    We will launch additional sizes once it is financially feasibile to do so!

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